As a professional Interior Designer at Today’s Home we know how important color is in a client’s home. Even though the majority of window coverings sold use neutral, particularly variations of white and off white, they are certainly an important back drop for the entire space that you are designing. The numerous and variety of manufacturers of window coverings need to add the right mix of neutrals with colors that are trending in the home to give their products the variety and punch they need even if the ultimate decision will be white. Yet, there are whites with undertones of every color on the color wheel, but the vast majority of them won’t work for walls, ceilings, cabinets and trims or for the actual window coverings. So as a designer, may I suggest to use a piece of white paper to successfully compare all whites and matching or coming the closest to one’s existing trim color.



Allan Gundel


I am one of the Senior Designers at Today’s Home. For my past 23 years at Today’s Home I have been completely dedicated to assisting my design clients in all aspects of the design process. Before Today’s Home I spent 6 years at Kaufmann’s Department Store and 9 years at Robert Hammels Furniture.

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