When will you move?

In today’s world many people will buy a home and only be in it 3 to 5 years due to job transfers. With this in mind resist the urge to paint or carpet in the latest fashion . If you keep your backgrounds neutral as in beige, grays and taupes you can pretty much add any color you want. Think pillows art and accessories. When purchasing furniture normal size sofas 84″ to 86″ long x 36″ to 38″ deep will fit in 90% of spaces. Don’t custom order a sofa or sectional to fit your existing space. What happens when you move and in the new space its extending 18″ beyond a doorway? Many years ago a dear client of mine asked me to look at a house they were considering purchasing. The reason she wanted me was because she couldn’t see through the home owners decorating. When we got there the house was an explosion of PURPLE everywhere. Shag carpet, crushed velvet furniture, lavender walls ugh! I could see through all of this to the “bones” and told my client “buy it” when we rip all of this out and replace it with your furniture and colors it will look fabulous. She purchased the house and I made it hers. So remember keep it simple and neutral and it will sell.

Jon Delach


I am a professional designer with 42 years of experience. I began my design career at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. From there I worked at Robert Perrin, Arthur Moser Associates where I worked for 25 years and finally Weiss House before landing at Today’s Home where I am now in my 17th year. My goal is to create a personalized look for each client that caters to his or her individual style and needs.

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