What is a piece of Artwork?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary states that the simple definition of ARTWORK is: a painting, sculpture, photograph, etc., that is created to be beautiful or express an important idea or feeling: an artistic work.
Artwork as we see it today can differ widely from that of our ancestors or those before them! Evolution of art has changed as humans have changed. Cave art was a way of communicating basic life issues, food, housing were topics of the day. the Orient found that beauty in every aspect of life, birds, the ocean and text were all catalysts for their artwork. The Victorians had paintings of important family members and products gathered from far away lands and helped to elevate art to status symbols. Then photography and the influences of the industrial Revolution helped to usher in the ability to mass produce many types of artwork. Todays home is usually a mixture of types of artwork but no matter the medium or style beauty and expression of ideas is still the foundation of all art. Great art is in the eye of the beholder and if its a cherished drawing from your grandchild or an original Warhol enjoy and be bold! Find beauty in the paint splatters of Pollock and express your opinion and ideas, grab a glass of wine and discuss Art! When Winston Churchill was told the people needed to take funding from the arts for war efforts, he responded by questioning; If there is to be no more art, what are we fighting for?

Freddie Bainbridge


I believe in beauty. It is the driving force of my life. After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1989 I have worked as a drafter, business owner in New York City, librarian, florist, house painter, wallpaper remover and carpenter. My experience has given me a strict attention to detail and a passion for design. We, together, can make life more beautiful.

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