Vintage Furniture Makeovers

Furniture “before and after’s” is what some people  like to call design porn!!  A lot of people do it, and somehow it’s very satisfying when done right….furniture that is! We all have pieces that comfort us, make us feel like our parents and grandparents are still with us and make our places feel like home.
  Finding the right combo, placement and restorer can be the tricky part.  Vintage furniture works with most design aspects….from traditional to modern.  There’s something soothing about my mom’s restored old desk that sits behind my black leather contemporary sectional.   We have to remember that for the most part, we inhabit our homes.  We live, eat and sleep there.    Our homes reflect the person that we were and the one that we’ve become.  It shows individuality, a sense of style and someone that is not afraid to think out of the box!  We embrace the past..incorporate it with the present and shows ourselves and loved ones what the future brings.

Larry Martys


My entire career has always revolved around furniture. I spent the first 5 years of my career as a Kaufmann’s Upholstery Buyer before opening my own furniture and design center in Oakland named Apropos Interiors and Design. After a subsequent move to the Palm Springs area where I worked as a Senior Designer at a family owned business specializing in high-end contemporary furniture I am now a proud Senior Designer at Today’s Home where I have been for almost 5 years.

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