Turn that Television Off Please!

In almost every home, you will find in the family room, living room, kitchen and bathrooms, a television the size of a drive in movie screen, blaring out useless jargon for hours on end. In most cases, each room has different stations going at the same time, and no one is watching.

I am often asked to design a room around the television, so that everyone can have full view of this massive black screen. Which leaves very little room for creativity; most floor plans end up looking the same. All the furniture is facing the wall where the television is, and lots of dead space.

Give this some thought, what could you do with that room if the television was not the focal point? Would you bring the “family” concept back into the room with a game table, a piano, or a cozy conversation area filled with over stuffed chairs to lounge and relax with the family after dinner? Or, add a small library filled with books and memorabilia which will take you on journey in a moments notice.    Does the room have a great view of the outdoors? Capitalize on the beauty of nature, not the television.

I’m not implying that there should not be a television in a room, but more so, trying to explore other options. There is hope in this crazy world of electronic mayhem, we have total control. Get out of the mind set that televisions, computers and phones are the best thing yet! There not. They have a purpose, and we have control over those purposes. Turn off the electronics; stop making them the center of our lives.   It takes one simple step, take control. Rethink the possibilities.

Today's Home


When Sigmund and Audrey Lenchner, both Taylor Allderdice graduates, founded Today’s Home, they had a vision to enrich the lives of area families by bringing true quality home furnishings to Western Pennsylvania. Over the decades, Today’s Home has emerged as a true “family business” success story. Through the years, our dedicated employees have managed to grow the company in an age dominated by big box retailing and mega chains.

Now Today’s Home, with its roots firmly planted in the luxury residential furnishings market, has additional operating companies in Designer Furniture Outlet Stores and TH TRADE Commercial. DFO has become the luxury closeout treasure-hunter’s favorite haunt. Our newest addition, TH TRADE, provides ASID level design to our commercial contract customers. We invite you to contact a Today’s Home designer to visit our showroom and see the world of possibilities awaiting you at Today’s Home.