Tuck those Arm Caps Away!

A very common misconception in the furniture world is that as soon as you get a brand new piece of upholstery into your home, the arm caps that came with that particular piece must be used. A great furniture mentor of mine always, always discouraged the use of arm caps that came with upholstered furniture during the first few years. The purpose of the arm caps is not to protect the arms from getting use but rather to bring new life to the arms as the upholstery piece ages. Arm caps take a tremendous amount away from the look of the overall piece and make that sleek tailored sofa you took so much time deciding on, look sloppy. Let the fabric on your sofa wear evenly, with the years and just to reiterate, TUCK THOSE ARM CAPS AWAY, until you feel like the arms of your sofa, need some new life and freshening up!

Today's Home


When Sigmund and Audrey Lenchner, both Taylor Allderdice graduates, founded Today’s Home, they had a vision to enrich the lives of area families by bringing true quality home furnishings to Western Pennsylvania. Over the decades, Today’s Home has emerged as a true “family business” success story. Through the years, our dedicated employees have managed to grow the company in an age dominated by big box retailing and mega chains.

Now Today’s Home, with its roots firmly planted in the luxury residential furnishings market, has additional operating companies in Designer Furniture Outlet Stores and TH TRADE Commercial. DFO has become the luxury closeout treasure-hunter’s favorite haunt. Our newest addition, TH TRADE, provides ASID level design to our commercial contract customers. We invite you to contact a Today’s Home designer to visit our showroom and see the world of possibilities awaiting you at Today’s Home.