Paint Colors!

So everyone knows in the design world, color changes everything. It has an impact on our moods, it influences our creativity, it has a bearing on time and trends, and it even changes the perceived dimensions of space. There is absolutely nothing that can change a space or room quicker than a fresh coat of paint. But the total result doesn’t end there. Almost every designing decision that follows begins with that initial choice of paint color. Manufacturers of paint are always coming up with new color palettes, but the latest color suggestions go a step beyond choosing one more color to the rainbow, different finishes that change the way different colors interact. My suggestion would be to the trust the Interior Designers you are working with to lead you in the best direction.



Allan Gundel


I am one of the Senior Designers at Today’s Home. For my past 23 years at Today’s Home I have been completely dedicated to assisting my design clients in all aspects of the design process. Before Today’s Home I spent 6 years at Kaufmann’s Department Store and 9 years at Robert Hammels Furniture.

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