Outdoor Furniture!

It’s Spring and the sun is shining (finally), so it’s time to think about using our yards for evening relaxation and entertaining once again!

Consider how you want to use the outdoor space. Do you entertain a large group or is it just for you and your family? Entertaining lots of people means more seating, which a sectional of several pieces and a couple of chairs surrounding a cocktail table would allow for conversation and also individual space.

If your outdoor space has a focal point such as a pool, television, fireplace, or outdoor kitchen, you will want to place furniture appropriately to make use of these.

Outdoor furniture fabrics come in water- and sunproof, so they can take on the elements without fading.

Seating furniture frames and tables come in many materials such as resin wicker and teak wood, so you can have the look you want and one that continues the look of your home’s interior. Teak wood outdoor furniture is a timeless and classic choice. Teak is the best wood for use in outdoor furniture because of the high oil and rubber content in the wood. These high levels within the wood help to prevent the wood from water absorption and rotting, making teak a great solution for furnishing ocean and lake front environments.


Lisa Gonzalez


I provide interior design and decoration services, combining classic style with modern sophistication. My personal objective is to learn my clients needs, desired style and budget to create for them rooms that are timeless, elegant and comfortable. A family’s home is their retreat and I enjoy improving it to reflect the look and feel of their dreams.

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