Lighting: The Way to Good Interior Design

Today’s options for lighting can be overwhelming. There are so many types of fixtures, finishes, lighting effects, and on and on!

Basic Lighting Fixtures Are Just the Beginning

Most homes rely on the contractor’s choice of a centrally located ceiling fixture. This option is pretty common because builders place basic wiring for the end user to modify as needed. But the basic lighting in many homes is just the beginning!

Though it may be difficult to narrow your options down to one lighting fixture, it’s important to pick something that complements your home. After all, you can purchase the most beautiful furnishings, fabrics, draperies and art in the world. But if the lighting is too dark or too bright, you will never see the true beauty of you treasures!

Remember that good lighting is a science – consult with professionals to get the best and most beautiful solutions.

Choosing a Lighting Fixture is As Easy As 1,2,3!

Choosing your lighting fixture doesn’t need to be difficult!

Here are the 3 goals I focus on when designing a lighting plan:

  1. Chandelier

    Lighting fixture from Uttermost

    The first impression is the most important! When designing a lighting plan I prefer to focus on drama pieces first. Where do I want a person’s eye go first? Artwork, fireplaces, etc.

  2. The second goal is to ensure overall lighting, so you can get to-and-from safely. Then, I focus on task lighting for reading, projects, and other tasks that will be taking place in the space.
  3. Third, I love to have a “sparkle factor” something that can catch the eye for variety!

Choose your designer, fixtures and placements carefully, and you will have great lighting to illuminate a beautiful home and a beautiful life.

Freddie Bainbridge


I believe in beauty. It is the driving force of my life. After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1989 I have worked as a drafter, business owner in New York City, librarian, florist, house painter, wallpaper remover and carpenter. My experience has given me a strict attention to detail and a passion for design. We, together, can make life more beautiful.

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