Infusing Hollywood Glam into a Mid-Century Modern

I have worked with some of my clients for over 15 years BC (before children). One of these clients bought a 2 story, mid-century modern house in a modest neighborhood with a funky personality of its own.


The House

Designed by a couple who owned a local furniture store, the house has some very cool, unusual details. Shower doors etched with naked mermaids, mirrors everywhere, white marble and black slate floors, lava rock walls in the family area, enclosed iron filigree balconies off every bedroom…this house is very interesting!

The project I had been waiting to get my hands on was the upstairs living room or what I call the “ballroom”. The room had been left empty except for a black baby grand piano, 2 glass top dining tables left by the previous owners and some kids’ toys. I knew I could turn it into something special.

The Makeover

Working with my client, I turned the upstairs living room into a whole new experience that epitomizes Hollywood Glam. Try to imagine it:

Walking up the white marble steps with the black iron railings, a large gold-leaf chandelier with dripping crystals lights the entrance to the room. Stepping through the Corinthian columns, two curved white sectionals flank the mirrored fireplace in front of you. Sequined sheers cover the sliding doors on either side of the fireplace that lead out to the balcony overlooking the city.


It is easy to imagine the Rat Pack sitting having martinis on the round gold cocktail table with the off- white shag rug underneath it.

The 2 large glass top dining tables left behind are butted together on one side of the room. The bases are black lacquer with white frosted panthers holding the glass top. We added 2 flocked velvet banquettes, and gold painted faux leather dining chairs for seating.


The room and house is still a work in progress. We’re still working on filling it with a great piece of artwork, another seating area, and more. But all in all, this room was a definite success.

Rather than try to change the house into something else, I encouraged the owners to use and accent the funky accoutrements of this house. It has been a fun, different project –stepping out of the Pittsburgh norm, shaping into a secret gem my clients can call home.

Beth Ergen-Peters


I specialize in space planning, custom window treatment, custom bedding and room transformations. With 35 years of experience around the Pittsburgh area I love building personal relationships with clients to ensure the end result complements the clients personality and lifestyle.

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