Gallery Walls

Gallery walls are a unique way to add visual interest to a room where a large piece of art may be too overwhelming (or too hard to find!)  It is also a great way to show off your individuality and style by mixing and matching old and new pieces, or pieces of varying styles.  In order to create a balanced arrangement, I typically clear the floor next the wall that I am decorating.  I then lay out a mixture of paintings, photographs, prints, wall sculptures, fabric, scrolls, etc. directly under where I will be hanging them. I will keep rearranging the elements until I find the series cohesive and balanced.  It can be symmetrical, but my arrangements typically are not.  I find that arranging them directly under where they will be hung helps me visualize what it will look like once installed.  Not being a very patient person, I will normally just “eyeball” where to hang the pieces according to how I had them arranged on the floor.  I have also seen people use painter’s tape to outline where the different elements will be on the wall, and I have even seen people cut out large pieces of brown paper to show the occupied spaces on the wall.  Once the pieces are hung, they work together to create one intriguing and unique design!  Keep in mind, your gallery wall can grow over time.  You may start with only three or five elements, but it can grow as you find old pieces or collect new ones!izzy1 izzy2

Today's Home


When Sigmund and Audrey Lenchner, both Taylor Allderdice graduates, founded Today’s Home, they had a vision to enrich the lives of area families by bringing true quality home furnishings to Western Pennsylvania. Over the decades, Today’s Home has emerged as a true “family business” success story. Through the years, our dedicated employees have managed to grow the company in an age dominated by big box retailing and mega chains.

Now Today’s Home, with its roots firmly planted in the luxury residential furnishings market, has additional operating companies in Designer Furniture Outlet Stores and TH TRADE Commercial. DFO has become the luxury closeout treasure-hunter’s favorite haunt. Our newest addition, TH TRADE, provides ASID level design to our commercial contract customers. We invite you to contact a Today’s Home designer to visit our showroom and see the world of possibilities awaiting you at Today’s Home.