Credit where credit is due!

Every week I meet a client in the store who tells me they are just looking to get ideas. What that is telling me is that I have a great opportunity to build on that and help them bring those ideas to life.
Everyone seems to know that our showroom is second to none in displaying the best quality furniture, the best variety, the most cutting edge of style in the Pittsburgh area.
Open a House Beautiful magazine or Traditional Home and you will see products that we carry, whether it is an advertisement or in a photo spread of a house. Watch HGTV shows and again see furniture that we carry used in the homes. We have it.
The vision of the team who does the buying for the store is the first step in our success. They visit the “FashionWeek” for furniture called Market, twice each year. They see all of the new product and styles, fabrics and accessories that are fresh and exciting and then make the decisions on what to purchase for the store. We carry so many different manufacturers. That enables us to show a large variety of styles and price points.
Then the new products arrive and two very talented people who merchandise the stores take over. They are Alan and Elaine. They do not have a map or floor plan. They have some guidelines but the rest is up to them on placement of furniture and arrangement of accessories. They seem to have an instinctive feel for what goes well together. They create stunning rooms. Just come in and see how stunning!
It is a pleasure to be in this heady atmosphere week after week. And nothing gives me more pleasure than helping a client achieve a dream. Come in and dream!
Today's Home


When Sigmund and Audrey Lenchner, both Taylor Allderdice graduates, founded Today’s Home, they had a vision to enrich the lives of area families by bringing true quality home furnishings to Western Pennsylvania. Over the decades, Today’s Home has emerged as a true “family business” success story. Through the years, our dedicated employees have managed to grow the company in an age dominated by big box retailing and mega chains.

Now Today’s Home, with its roots firmly planted in the luxury residential furnishings market, has additional operating companies in Designer Furniture Outlet Stores and TH TRADE Commercial. DFO has become the luxury closeout treasure-hunter’s favorite haunt. Our newest addition, TH TRADE, provides ASID level design to our commercial contract customers. We invite you to contact a Today’s Home designer to visit our showroom and see the world of possibilities awaiting you at Today’s Home.