Creating a Romantic Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, creating a restful, soothing space for sleeping, reading and companionship.

Having a poster bed, a tufted lined upholstered bed, a romantic sleigh with yummy bedcovers will create am inner sanctum just for you.

Colors that promote relaxation-lavender, aqua, soft blues, greens, yellows, crams and whites, soft grey tomes, soft apricots- will invite you into the room. Luxurious bedding, soft drapery treatments, a comfortable seating area, great pillows, a soft throw on the bed, …..add a decorative mirror for sparkle….even a chandelier, if your ceiling permits…does this sound inviting?

Beth Ergen-Peters


I specialize in space planning, custom window treatment, custom bedding and room transformations. With 35 years of experience around the Pittsburgh area I love building personal relationships with clients to ensure the end result complements the clients personality and lifestyle.

To schedule a free interior design consultation with me, click here or call our Greentree location at 412-343-0505.