Choosing Paint Colors Well

Painting a room is the best way to update a room, making the most visual impact and at the least expense.

Consider your floors:

The color of your floors, whether wood or carpet, will reflect onto your wall color. Be sure you choose a paint color that compliments, has the same undertones (warm – red, gold or cool – ash grey, neutral brown) as your flooring. For example, if you have golden oak floors, a blue/grey wall paint will take on a muddier tone than what you see on the paint chip.

Light Effects:

Keep in mind that lighting and shadows in the room will change throughout the day, thus changing your paint color. If you’re thinking of painting a dark color, be sure the room receives enough natural light to pull it off, otherwise the room will appear darker than the color you love on the chip. You may like a bright, bold color but it may be too overwhelming and shocking in an entire room. So do paint a sample on your wall and look at it several times that day to be sure you like it in morning sunlight, afternoon light and in evening artificial lighting.

Test your favorites:different ways to choose your paint colors

As I mentioned above, do sample the paint by choosing 3-4 of your favorite paint choices and buy a $5 quart of each. Paint a 2’ square area of each sample color, leaving some space between so you can see their true colors. This is a small investment that will pay off big in helping you determine your best color choice.

With a minimum investment in spackle, paint and brushes and a few hours of labor, you can transform a room to look and feel larger, cleaner and beautiful!

Lisa Gonzalez


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