Bassett Furniture: How It’s Made

Bassett Furniture such as sofas, chairs, ottomans, kitchen tables, beds, nightstands. Where do they come from?

All these furniture pieces start off as nothing more than raw materials: wood, fiber, foam, etc. What turns them into a finished product that we sit on, eat on or put our nightly glass of water on? A furniture manufacturer!

Let me tell you about the steps one manufacturer, Bassett Furniture Industries, uses to make comfortable and stylish upholstery pieces. I had the incredible opportunity to see the process up close and personal at Bassett training in Newton, North Carolina.


Step 1 – Frame CuttingFrame cutting at the Bassett Furniture facility.

Out of only one sheet of 13/16 laminated hardwood, using a state of the art CNC machine, an entire sofa frame can be cut. Bassett is sure to cut the frame for an entire piece out of the SAME laminated hardwood board whether it is a sofa, chair or sectional corner.

Any scrap pieces the CNC generates, get burned for heat in winter months in the Bassett factory.

Step 2 – Frame Assembly

Using the accuracy of the CNC cutting machine, all the parts and pieces fit exactly into place like a jigsaw puzzle. Using skilled frame assemblers, a sofa, chair, or sectional piece goes together efficiently.

Frame assembly at the Bassett Furniture manufacturer.


Step 3 – Interior spring and webbing installation

Frame is cut, assembled and solid as a rock (a Bassett uniframe, as they call it). The machine tied suspension system is installed into the seating platform. The suspension system distributes our weight across the entire coil system as well as the frame. This makes your new upholstery piece more comfortable, for longer!

Webbing will also be placed on the inside back of your new upholstery piece, giving support to the back cushions.

Interior webbing installation at the Bassett Furniture headquarters.

Step 4 – Fabric Cutting

Using a state of the art fabric cutting machine, each part and piece of fabric is cut. Prior to the fabric even getting cut, Bassett creates a cutting path and pattern file for each fabric and customer order.

Creating the file and cutting path for each customer order makes as little of waste as possible and ensures accuracy.

Fabric cutting at the Bassett Furniture manufacturing facility.

Step 5 – Padding and Cushioning

Padding and cushioning on a Bassett Furniture piece. The arms of the upholstery are fully padded, with a high density and resilient foam. All the hard edges of the frame are wrapped with either foam or Dacron to give the edges a softer appearance before the fabric is upholstered onto the frame.

The cushion you choose is also assembled at this stage, whether you picked softer, firmer or spring down, then it moves on to fabric upholstering.

Step 6 -Fabric Upholstering

The frame of the piece is upholstered,Fabric upholstering being done at the Bassett Furniture facility. while the back cushion and seat cushion covers get sewn together. Seat cushions and back cushions get inserted into the covers. The underside of the upholstery (which faces the floor) is finished and the stained legs are attached. If you chose to have nail head put it, it is done now and down the assembly line it goes!

One of Bassett Furniture's final steps is inspection.

Step 7 – Inspection

Off of the assembly line it goes, and onto an inspection platform. Is everything straight? All corners crisp? Fabric strings clipped? ALL GOOD!

Step 8 – Packing

Off the inspection platform it makes its way down another assembly line where it is covered, placed into a cardboard base and shrink wrapped. From there is it loaded onto a truck and once the truck is filled, it ships off!


Whitney Wagner


Graduating with Honors and Distinction from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, Massachusetts with a BFA degree in Interior Architecture, I worked on several commercial interior architecture and design projects throughout the Boston area. From high rise residential dormitories, to a community center, a university library and small café spaces. I then transitioned into the residential furniture industry and have been working for the past 6 years. I see each home as a new and exciting endeavor, looking to create spaces that are unique and functional to each individual client’s style, personality and home.

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