About Whitney Wagner

Whitney Wagner

Graduating with Honors and Distinction graduate from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston, Massachusetts with a BFA degree in Interior Architecture, I worked on several commercial interior architecture and design projects throughout the Boston area. From high rise residential dormitories, to a community center, a university library and small cafe spaces. I transitioned into the residential furniture industry because I was craving the one on one relationship with clients, and the opportunity for individual detail that I could get into with a client’s home. I have been in the furniture industry for 6+ years now throughout the Western Pennsylvania area. If there is anything I have learned, it is all in the details and no project or client is the same and that the furniture industry is always changing!

No detail is too small in the scope of a project and in the context of the space. Architecture, comfort and beauty are the foundation in which I help clients shape their homes' interiorspaces. I see each home as a new and exciting endeavor, looking to create spaces that are unique and functional to each individual client’s style, personality and home.

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Here are my most recent posts

Bassett Furniture: How It’s Made

Written by Whitney Wagner, Interior Designer and Store Manager, North Hills on August 24, 2016

Bassett Furniture such as sofas, chairs, ottomans, kitchen tables, beds, nightstands. Where do they come from?

All these furniture pieces start off as nothing more than raw materials: wood, fiber, foam, etc. What turns them into a finished product that we sit on, eat on or put our nightly glass of water on? A furniture manufacturer! (more…)

Recliner Chairs: The Power of Motion

Written by Whitney Wagner, Interior Designer and Store Manager, North Hills on May 16, 2016

Motion comes in many forms in the world of furniture. Almost every household in America has some piece of upholstery that has enabled motion. Let’s discuss all the different options you can consider if motion is what you are looking for in your next recliner chair or upholstery piece. (more…)

“Telling Time”

Written by Whitney Wagner, Interior Designer and Store Manager, North Hills on April 5, 2016

Time runs our everyday and our ability to know what time it is in the day is crucial. Rather than relying on Mother Nature and the sun to tell us what time it is nowadays, we turn to a clock. Clocks come in many sizes, shapes and forms. Many of us rely on digital phone or computer clocks along with your traditional hand clocks. As much as clocks are functional, they can also be a fantastic accessory piece in a home. There are a great variety of clocks that are available the choices are truly endless. From a contemporary loft downtown, to a traditional colonial in the suburbs, there is a clock for every home. So next time you are having trouble figuring out and finding a piece of art or wall decor to use in a room, consider a clock!