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Amy Hovanec

With 23 years of interior design experience, I specialize in combining technical analysis with artistry to fulfill the often highly specialized needs for my clients. I offer a unique spectrum of design possibilities from which my client can choose under the guidance of an experienced design professional.

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Understanding Scale

Written by Amy Hovanec, Interior Designer, North Hills on January 31, 2016

A common mistake made by clients is not understanding scale. Scale is everything. Doing a layout of furniture is very important. It that can and will actually fit. Yes, oversized pieces can be comfortable to lounge in, but will it look to large in the room? More important…will it fit through the door? Furniture is not meant to bend around stairs or a landing. If the room openings are small to a large room, consider using fabrics with a large scaled print. So, measure, measure, measure.


Written by Amy Hovanec, Interior Designer, North Hills on January 17, 2016

A cake is good, but better with your favorite icing. That’s theory can be used in a room. Imagine your dream dining room pieces just got delivered, “the cake.” You step back and your smile starts to fade, “why doesn’t it look right?” you ask. Ensure your satisfaction with your “icing.” Do you have the proper light fixture? Does the paint look drab? Is the artwork or subject matter wrong? Perhaps your window treatment is a little dated. Adding an area rug that’s the right size and color may be the trick. The trained interior designer eye can be your guide in elevating your style!