When choosing art for you home, you don’t always needs to have it exactly match your fabrics, carpeting, painting, etc. You want it to compliment but doesn’t have to “match”.  Mix things up! Put an abstract next to a formal portrait, next to a landscape, etc. That’s what an art collector would do. Art is personal, you buy it because it speaks to you. One of my favorite long gone t-shirts from the museum of modern art had a bright funky lipstick red sofa. Above it was the Mona Lisa in an ornate gold frame. Under the sofa it read “good art does not match your sofa!” The most important part is placement of your artwork.  Avoid things such as hanging a small piece of art with detail up where you can’t see it or placing a giant piece of art in a narrow hallway.

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Jon Delach


I am a professional designer with 42 years of experience. I began my design career at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh. From there I worked at Robert Perrin, Arthur Moser Associates where I worked for 25 years and finally Weiss House before landing at Today’s Home where I am now in my 17th year. My goal is to create a personalized look for each client that caters to his or her individual style and needs.

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