Apartment Living

High-end apartments continue to dominate the Pittsburgh real estate market offering amenities, downtown access and social benefits. Being in the mix downtown has become very desirable to people of all ages who simply want to live in the city. There are two groups of buyers ruling the market and they are young professionals and retirees.

These groups seek all of the amenities and social benefits apartment buildings offer and not to mention being in the heart of the city with restaurants and nightlife. Once you have found your perfect apartment, or small space living, then the decorating fun begins!

Wall with photos

Just because your apartment is small doesn’t mean you have to limit your design ideas and décor. First, start with your walls and windows. Don’t be afraid to add some color! Paint can immediately transform a space and make it uniquely yours. Consider a deep, rich tone this will make your space feel warm and cozy while also making it feel more luxurious. Next, move onto wall décor, gallery display is perfect for small spaces.

Use some floating shelves to display a mix of photos, wall art and decorative objects. This look can be very eclectic. Mirrors can make any room feel bigger so don’t forget to use them as accents throughout your apartment. Lastly, don’t forget window treatments. Window treatments can make any space feel finished and structured.

Ways to organize your wall and add storage

Next, focus on your floors. It is important to add texture and dimension to any room and a rug can help you do this. If your room is more neutral add a splash of color with a colorful rug or even a shag. The more layers a room has the more put together and sophisticated it looks. A rug can also help you define different areas within a space. This is perfect for apartments because you are dealing with a smaller space to begin with and the bigger you can make it appear the better.

Moving on to the most important aspect of your apartment, the furniture. If you are downsizing and would like to bring some pieces along consider the scale of these pieces. It is easy for furniture to overpower a room so finding the right balance is key. For example, if you are bringing a larger sofa accent it with small occasional pieces that do not compete with the sofa.  American Leather offers a great selection of leather reclining chairs and sectionals that fit in any room. Next, embrace open storage. If you need some extra storage space consider a storage ottoman or storage coffee table in the living room. In the kitchen, consider some industrial metal shelving. Still need more? Bookshelves work in any room and can have multiple uses. They could act as shoe cubbies, add hooks for jackets or use to display personal memorabilia.

Apartment living is enjoyable so don’t make it complicated with your design process. Get inspired by the tips above to make your transition to apartment living a breeze.  If you need some design help, don’t hesitate to contact any of the professional interior designers at Today’s Home.

Rachel Lenchner


Born and raised in Pittsburgh, I now follow in the footsteps of my grandparents and Today’s Home founders Audrey and Sig Lenchner and my parents Jeff and Jill Lenchner. It didn't take long for me to realize home design is in my blood. After graduating from The University of Pittsburgh with a BA in Business Administration I lived in New York City where I worked as the Wholesale Marketing Coordinator for jewelry designer David Yurman. I started my career at Today’s Home in the summer of 2015.

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