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As a loyal Today’s Home and Designer Furniture Outlet customer, it is with great pleasure that I share some important news with you about our McKnight Road location as we celebrate our 65th anniversary. We have made an unanticipated business decision to sell our McKnight Road property and relocate to a new location in the North Hills. With our history in Ross Township, this decision was not an easy one since my parents Audrey and Sigmund Lenchner opened the McKnight location in a cow pasture in 1953. This was a bold move for a young couple in 1953, as McKnight Road at that time ended at the Block at Northway (Northway Mall). It is hard to believe, but at that point, there was no Wexford, Pine or Cranberry. Today our three-mile stretch on McKnight Road is considered one of the hottest real estate development zones on the East Coast. Ross Park Mall, The Block at Northway, and McCandless Crossing have made this a very desirable location. A national retail chain has purchased and will convert our property in the coming months. Instead of the considerable costs of renovating our 65-year-old, 30,000-square-foot building, we decided to take the offer and will reposition the store eventually to a new location in the North Hills. You may not know, in addition to Today’s Home and DFO, we have two additional operating companies that we established in 2005 focused on the growing commercial markets. TH Trade Contract services the corporate, health, hospitality, and education markets, and TH Trade Design is the largest wholesale trade showroom for independent designers in the region. In addition, we have a window treatment and flooring company that services all companies. We are and will continue to be, committed to the residential home furnishings customer and industry. Our goal with a dynamic young management team that is running our companies, is to continue to grow for another 65 years, which only demonstrates that this real estate move is nothing more than another tweak in our business model. As our founders and my parents always told me “there is nothing as constant as change.” Since Today’s Home first opened its doors, your loyal business and support have been the primary reasons why we’ve grown so much over the years. We cannot say thank you enough. Our McKnight store location will be open until the end of June. In addition, our 60,000-square-foot showroom conveniently located in Greentree will remain open indefinitely to serve you as well. Our General Manager Alyssa Carter is available anytime for your needs or concerns at 412-343-0505 or Don’t hesitate to contact me as well. img_signature_web Sincerely, Jeff Lenchner, President


1953 – Today’s Home is founded by Sigmund and Audrey Lenchner.

2000 – Designer Furniture Outlet (DFO) is launched. Through its expertise and relationships in the furniture industry, Today’s Home Inc. leveraged luxury closeouts, passing on savings to consumers who desire designer furnishings at reduced prices.

2007 – TH Trade is launched transforming the company’s 56 years of experience into the commercial furnishings world. TH TRADE meets the needs of clients in the specialty areas of Commercial, Health, Educational, Corporate and Hospitality. In addition, an Independent Designer trade showroom is also formed serving over 200 independent designers.


Audrey & Sigmund Lenchner Founders 1953
Industry Pioneers Never Forgotten





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