Recliner Chairs: The Power of Motion

Motion comes in many forms in the world of furniture. Almost every household in America has some piece of upholstery that has enabled motion. Let’s discuss all the different options you can consider if motion is what you are looking for in your next recliner chair or upholstery piece.


Sectionals, sofas and chairs can all recline. As a customer you can design a sectional and a sofa with which seats you would like to recline.

power recliners This white leather sofa has reclining functionality.

Power Reclining

Beyond the traditional handle or pushing your weight into the back of the recliner to activate the reclining mechanism, motors are now present in reclining pieces. Through the touch of a button, the squeeze of a wand or the pullback of a discretely placed handle, the power recliner takes action.  With the power source, reclining can now stop at any given point that is comfortable for you.

Power Reclining with Ratcheting Headrests

This takes power reclining to the next level. Now you can take the reclining position that is Ratcheting headrests give great head and neck support.perfectly tailored for you and adjust the level of the shoulder, neck and head support through an independent ratcheting headrest. You get three distinct angles in which you can pull up or back for support.


Power Recliner Chairs with Power Headrests

The next great invention in power reclining! Now you can recline in any position that is comfortable for you, and on the same reclining mechanism also be able to adjust the headrest through the same power source. The headrest stops anywhere that is comfortable for you.  A total comfort experience!

power recliner chairs power recliner chairs

Lay Flat Recliner Chairs

When sleeping in a recliner is doctor’s orders, lay flat recliner chairsconsider lay flat recliner chairs. These recliner chairs offer a complete 180-degree lay flat option, which keeps you comfortable and supported.  Don’t want to lay flat? You can choose any other position that is comfortable for you, because, yes, these lay flats have power motion available!


Swivel Recliner Chair

More specific to a single chairs, but there are also chair and a half’s that can also have swivel bases added. If a chair that you are trying in the furniture store does not have a swivel, you can always ask about adding one through special ordering. Swivel recliner chairs are always a great option!

Swivel Gliding Versus Swivel Rocking 

Swivel plus gliding is also limited to use in a chair only. The gliding part allows the chair to move fluidly back and forth while swiveling 360 degrees.  A rocker recliner swivel chair rocking motion differs from the gilding. It is not as fluid, but more static in its motion moving back and forth, like that of a wooden rocking chair.

Swivel Gliding Reclining or Swivel Rocking Reclining

Another motion layer that adds to the ultimate comfort of your new favorite chair! You can swivel, you can glide (left image), or swivel and rock (right image). Put your feet up, kick back and recline! Many of these chairs also have the option to have power operation in the reclining mechanism.

swivel recliner chairKick back and relax in a swivel rocking recliner.

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