How many of us have ever thought of furniture as being therapeutic.  We are all so affected by our surroundings  Some of it we can control, some we can’t.  We have no input on our work environment, the outside elements and places where we gather.  Shouldn’t  we have a haven in which to escape that doesn’t assault out senses or make us feel uneasy?  Your surroundings are so important to your overall physical and emotional health.  The furniture industry, in it’s infinite wisdom, helps us to realize your full potential in creating a welcoming  and calming place to come home to.  A skilled designer should be able to ferret out your wants and desires.   What colors work for you?…I try to look at my clients clothing…a big clue as to what colors resonant with you.  Your color choices, the furniture placement should welcome you into your home. Everything that we buy, we do so because we like the way it looks and the way it makes us feel. Shouldn’t furniture play that same important part of our life?