I have three dogs and three cats. I have a lot of tricks of the trade that might help with helping your dogs stay off your sofa. Besides putting down a throw over your sofa.  Try putting down tin foil. I have learned that from someone who has raised St Bernards.  Just scrunch up the tinfoil and place it on the sofa and the dogs will not go on it. It does work. Just remove once they understand not to go on sofa! You can also purchase slip covers by Rowe. Make sure the fabric is washable. You will have to use a ” Laundromat”  or dry cleaning.  Run your washing machine first to get rid of any soap, bleach or “impurities.” Don’t over load the washing machine. Wash the entire slip cover to minimize color variation. Use a gentle cycle on washing machine. Zip the zippers closed on pillow and cushion covers to prevent damage when washing. Use the gentle cycle on washing machine. Use cold water and mild detergent. Do not use bleach or bleaching additive. Remove the slipcover from washing machine immediately at the end of cycle. Air drying is preferred, you can use the dryer on a no heat setting. Tumble dry until the slip cover is just damp. Put the slip cover back on the piece of furniture while still damp, Stretch the fabric a little to get it back on.  Stand cushions on end, rotating them every 20 to 30 minutes until dry. This information came from Rowe.

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Tricia Campagna


After graduating from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh I opened my own design business. For many years I helped my clients bring their dream designs to life. My designs are tailored for each individual client and each has a life of its own. I enjoy bringing the old into the new. I have also worked on several commercial projects, which include The Sweetwater Grill, Alpha Tennis and Fitness Club and Owl Dry Cleaners. Let me open your space to new possibilities.

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