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3 Outdoor Living Design Ideas

Written by Rachel Lenchner, Interior Designer, North Hills on May 16, 2016

Summer is upon us and it is time to start entertaining outside! The best way to accommodate larger crowds is outdoors in your yard or on your patio. Here are 3 different design ideas for your outdoor space. (more…)

The Power of Motion

Written by Whitney Wagner, Interior Designer and Store Manager, North Hills on May 16, 2016

Motion comes in many forms in the world of furniture. Almost every household in America has some piece of upholstery that has enabled motion. Let’s discuss all the different options you can consider if motion is what you are looking for in your next upholstery piece. (more…)


Written by Tricia Campagna, Interior Designer, South Hills on April 28, 2016

I have three dogs and three cats. I have a lot of tricks of the trade that might help with helping your dogs stay off your sofa. Besides putting down a throw over your sofa. (more…)


Written by Jon Delach, Interior Designer, South Hills on April 27, 2016

When choosing art for you home, you don’t always needs to have it exactly match your fabrics, carpeting, painting, etc. You want it to compliment but doesn’t have to “match”.  (more…)

Guest Room Quick Makeover

Written by Kim Cibak, Interior Designer, North Hills on April 26, 2016

Expecting company this summer? Guest rooms needing a tune-up? This is the perfect time to do a few small things that can really make your rooms warm and inviting for your guests!


Mixing Metals

Written by Ashley Surrett, Interior Designer, North Hills on April 23, 2016

One serious design trend that I just cannot get enough of is mixing metals. Whether you do a rose gold with copper, or the good old silver and gold, mixing metals adds a fantastic touch to any space! (more…)

Outdoor Furniture!

Written by Lisa Gonzalez, Interior Designer, South Hills on April 22, 2016

It’s Spring and the sun is shining (finally), so it’s time to think about using our yards for evening relaxation and entertaining once again!

Consider how you want to use the outdoor space. Do you entertain a large group or is it just for you and your family? (more…)

The Gathering Table!

Written by Kim Cibak, Interior Designer, North Hills on April 21, 2016

In this age of casual living, more and more folks are getting away from any type of formal dining scenario. We’ve seen the counter or bar height gathering table in great rooms for a long time now but some folks are opting for the higher height in the traditional dining room space. Seems the need for the formal set-up, even for the big holidays, has become less important. The intimate surroundings of a separate dining room still give important dinners their weight, so to speak, yet the higher stool sit seems to allow for today’s more relaxed vibe. Here at Today’s Home we have many higher table options- all shapes and sizes, different materials and finish colors, and in styles to suit all tastes. Try this great example from A-America, the Mesa Rustica Collection!kim blog 1


Vintage Furniture Makeovers

Written by Larry Martys, Interior Designer, South Hills on April 20, 2016

Furniture “before and after’s” is what some people  like to call design porn!!  A lot of people do it, and somehow it’s very satisfying when done right….furniture that is! We all have pieces that comfort us, make us feel like our parents and grandparents are still with us and make our places feel like home.


Written by Leanne Rakers, Interior Designer, North Hills on April 19, 2016
We all have talked about this and I would like to put my two cents in about this topic. That is the importance of accessories in interior design. As I tell my clients, a sofa and a few chairs does not “divine design” make. I strongly suggest seeing the project through from beginning to end. It is all about the layers that bring in the warmth and character of a room.
We talk about paint color and floor coverings. The floor covering is crucial to the beginning of the room. The paint color should compliment the floor covering, whether it is carpet or my favorite; hardwood floors graced with a great area rug. Then we work on “baking the cake”, the upholstery and tables, cabinets and the like. Of course, window treatments factor in not only incorporating function but beauty and warmth. Lastly, and sometimes the most fun layer is accessorizing!
Adding striking artwork on the walls and well chosen beautiful sculptural pieces on the tables will be the finishing touch in the room. These are the things that can make a truly extraordinary room. It is so much more than a place to sit and put up your feet!